Aurabeat AG+Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier

​Proven effective against human coronavirus

Silver Ion Tech. | UV Sterilization | Plasma Tech.

Threefold sterilization technologies to eliminate a dozen types of virus, bacteria and fungi. 

According to actual experimental test result using Human Coronavirus by renowned USA biochemical laboratory, MicroChemLab, Aurabeat Silver Ion Technology can effectively eliminate Human Coronavirus in a short notice.

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Silver Ion Air Purification Tech. 

Praised as the Nemesis of Virus, Silver Ion has been widely applied in the medical field:

  • Effectively decompose viruses

  • Suppress viral activity & infectivity

  • Destroy virus DNA & RNA

  • Prevent virus Attachment and Invading Cells

  • Inhibition of virus replication



Archives of Immunology and Allergy 2018:1:1

Catalysis Communications 2004:5


Threefold air sterilization technology to maximize protection

Silver Ion

UV Light


Aurabeat AG+ (NSP-X1) is capable of protecting indoor area of 500 sq. ft. or 50 sq. meters, suitable for home, office, room air sterilization, significantly reducing the risk of infection via air. 

Aurabeat AG+ Inventor Interview (Cantonese)

Can general air purifiers eliminate Coronavirus?

Common issues from the purifiers available in the market:

  • Bacteria Elimination ≠ Virus Elimination 

  • Viruses Elimination ≠ Coronavirus Elimination

  • Most air purifiers on the market can only physically block bacteria and viruses on the surface of their filters. If the filter cannot destroy the viruses, they can survive on the filters for a long time.

  • When the filter is fully loaded, dust particles and viruses on the filter surface will re-enter the air. Replacing or cleaning the filter will also disturb the accumulated viruses, causing them to re-enter the air and putting your home at risk of infection.

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