Aurabeat AG+Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier

​Proven effective against human coronavirus

Silver Ion Tech. | UV Sterilization | Plasma Tech.

Threefold sterilization technologies to eliminate a dozen types of virus, bacteria and fungi. 

Aurabeat AG+ Product Overview

  • Hong Kong R&D, researches confirm that Aurabeat Silver Ion technology can effectively eliminate a dozen of viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

  • Threefold air sterilization: Silver Ion, UV and Plasma, safeguarding the indoor air your loved ones breathe in.

  • Suitable venue: home, living room, office, small shops, etc. maximum indoor area of 50 sq. meters or 500 sq. ft.

  • One year warranty service inclusive (Hong Kong)


Tests and certifications acquired: 

AATCC 100 modified for Human Coronavirus (ATCC VR-740)

ASTM G21-15 Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi

Technical Standard for Disinfection – Tested against Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, and Natural airborne bacteria

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Our technology can effectively eliminate:

  • Virus: Coronavirus, Influenza A Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus

  • Bacteria: Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  • Fungi: Candida Albicans, Candida Krusei, Aspergillus Flavus, Penicillium Vulpinum


Archives of Immunology and Allergy 2018:1:1

Catalysis Communications 2004:5

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Aurabeat AG+ Filtration Layers

  • Initial Filter: Blocks hairs, lint, large particles, peelings, etc., can be reused after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

  • High Grade Silver Ion Filter: Effectively eliminates human coronavirus, germs, highly effective filter down to particles of 0.01 micron. Pollutants such as invisible dust and PM particles. 

  • Nano-mineral crystal filter: Uses multiple natural rare non-metallic minerals such as sepiolite and diatomite to create nano-scale adsorption mineral crystals, special proprietary technology to purify harmful gases, formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other odorous pollutants.

  • UV Bacteria Sterilization Layer: High performance and low power consumption UV lamp, with Bacterial Sterilization capabilities. 

  • Plasma Sterilization Layer: Rapid and effective sterilization against molds and viruses, break down toxic carcinogens (formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds)

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Aurabeat AG+ Product Specifications

Model :




Max. DB(A) :

Air Purification CADR (m³/h):


Silver Ion Sterilization

Plasma Sterilization

HEPA Filtration

UV Sterilization

PM2.5 Particles Purification

Formaldehyde Purification

Toluene Purification

TVOC Purification

Filter Change Notification

Silver Ion Filter Lifespan

Wind Speed

PM2.5 Realtime Monitoring


Sleep Mode

Quiet Mode

Child Lock








6-8 Months

3 Speeds

R&D Team

  • Hong Kong Research and Development 

  • R&D Team led by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's ex-Research Assistant Professor, Dr. Roger Szeto

  • Dr. Roger Szeto is dedicated in air purification  research, with over 30 thesis published and 4 patents registered.